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UNITED LAW CENTER – Because, it’s different here…

Our Mission

UNITED LAW CENTER – Because, it’s different here…

When we first began United Law Center, we had no grandiose dreams of changing the world. We simply wanted to represent people trying to save their home. There was nothing particularly noble about it. Nevertheless, from these humble beginnings, what has emerged is something uniquely different and culturally significant. United Law Center is changing the practice of law for a new generation.

Many events, people, and other things have molded us into who we are today and made ULC different; here are three:

(1) Our Clients. Our clients taught us how to treat people going through difficult times. Victims of the largest scam perpetrated on the American public, our clients came to us in need but very guarded. They’d been through a war, weary of attorneys and truly suspicious of our true motives.

(2) Our Opponents. The wealthiest institutions on the planet with friends in all places, these banks and servicers were emboldened to see us fail. They hired well-staffed defense counsel instructed to never give in and always delay. These corporate defendants are powerful, corrupt, and heartless. Nevertheless, they soon learned that we were not going away quietly.

(3) The Law. “Loosely confusing” is probably the best way to describe this area of law. Not only did we have to learn this law but were forced to create law as a reluctant judiciary forced us to appeal every loss. Through shear commitment, we created a legal platform on which California homeowners can now prevail. This small law firm in Roseville, California is made up of “Intellectual Butt-Kickers.”

Through these efforts, we have earned our clients’ trust and respect, by being sincere and straightforward while keeping them informed as we move through their case. Being fair with our fees and always making it about the truth. Being compassionate, yet realistic, we guide our clients advising them when to participate and when to stand back. ULC has evolved into something that is uniquely our own, we are legal advocates you can actually trust.

Trust will always be our main engine. We’ve worked hard over the years to build trust amongst our team members, our attorneys, and most importantly with our clients. Our work has been fulfilling and at the same time frustrating. Winning for our clients has not always been possible, but trying, never giving up and being honest about their chances is what has made ULC unique legal advocates.

Moving forward, we seek to reinvent the way law firms do business and change people’s perception of attorneys, one client at a time. And if anyone ever asks why to engage the services of United Law Center, you simply tell them.

Our Values and Principles

Expertise – we know more about our opponents than they do. We are here to win cases. That’s job one!

Sincerity – we are “real.” What you see is what you get. No spin. No pitch, just legal advocates that actually care about our clients.

Honesty – good or bad, ULC will always give you our best opinion of your case and your chances. This means we are ethical and fair. It means we do not make promises; only that we will do our very best. The truth . . . always.

Professionalism – means we will handle your case properly and with purpose. We are accessible but firm. Never hostile but never a pushover. ULC clients will always get our best effort and our top people aggressively pursuing justice in a legal system.

Compassion – our client’s wellbeing and success are key. We understand people’s need to be heard, so we listen. Even though fees are critical to our survival as a business, it is not our first concern.


Because client service is a lost attribute in today’s fast-paced world, it is a critical element at ULC. It is essential we understand what service means to our clients and how to deliver it so it makes a difference. We seek to understand how to deliver the best customer service available, because service is what makes us different.
Here’s how: 

Attention: For our clients service means attention; attention to their legal issues and attention to the details of their cases.

Understanding: Genuinely demonstrating that we understand your issues and your goals. People recognize superior service when they see we are listening and truly understanding their predicament. We will work hard to understand.

Expectations: Clients trust us because we are straight with them and they get an honest opinion of their chances. They know right from the beginning that the truth, even if the truth is that there is a possibility they may lose, is essential in our attorney/client relationship.


Our clients describe trust as the ability of the firm or the attorney to clearly communicate and for the client to clearly understand what to expect. Therefore, from the beginning our clients are given a realistic assessment of their chances to win, good or bad, and are told when things change. The truth must supersede all other things, even if it means that there is a strong probability a case may not be successful. Trust means managing expectations and work habits.
 This following statement is what you can expect from every ULC staff member:

“I do what I told you I would do. I keep you informed. I’m transparent with you. Your case is the most important case for this firm. We are managing it so things don’t fall through the cracks. Albeit important, I’m not after your money, I’m after a successful outcome.”

Our Promise

To be better and different than anyone else.

We strive to change and fix the way law is practiced today, constantly looking to find different ways of doing things. Better. Faster. Easier.

Our pledge is to plow forward with our belief that people are being victimized by big money systems — mega corporations, both private and government. The Little Guy needs superior legal representation and doesn’t have to be intimidated or fearful seeing an attorney. We will earn our clients’ trust and respect, to be sincere and straightforward while keeping them informed as we move through their case. Being fair with our fees and always making it about the truth. To be compassionate and realistic

Because when you are asked, or you ask yourself why or, when clients are asked, or they ask themselves why,

…well, because it’s different here.

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