Personal Injury

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Personal Injury

Straight Talk

From a simple fender-bender to catastrophic injury or wrongful death claims, we understand the needs of our clients will differ. That is why our free consultations are without a time-limit, so we can better understand the needs and concerns of each client. We explain in detail how the case might progress and what you container expect. We try to take out the uncertainty (a major stressor when pursuing legal action) by giving you “straight-talk” and setting reasonable expectations that can be managed throughout the process.


“Legal expertise” is a claim made by every attorney out there and is often overused and unjustified –not everyone can be an expert, let alone the best. At United Law Center, we won’t take your case unless we are confident we will provide you with the legal expertise necessary to reach your goals. If we can’t offer you the necessary expertise, we will refer you to an attorney that we fully trust will provide you the kind of expertise that we offer to all our clients. Even then, be mindful that no attorney guarantees a specific outcome or even that you will prevail. (If an attorney ever does guarantee you an outcome, don’t walk, but run from this advice.) What we can guarantee is effort, your goals became our goals and you will see we are doing everything possible to obtain them, that’s our job.

Customer Service

Personal injury clients have special needs and at ULC we are sensitive to those needs. Issues such as medical bills, property loss, insurance coverage, time-off work, car replacement, car repairs, or rental, and other related issues will be addressed throughout the progression of your case. We make sure to have a clear understanding of our client’s goals so that our legal strategy is consistent in achieving them. In the end, you will be left with a sense of satisfaction rarely offered at other firms, because you’ll know that whatever could be done on was done. Remember, a phrase coined by Attorney Stephen Foondos, “We do not have a ‘justice’ system in America; we have a ‘legal system,’ understanding the difference is how we yield the best results for our clients.”
United Law Center’s passion is achieving the best results on behalf of people like you. Our experience with representing clients who unfortunately have been in a motor vehicle accidents will take the stress off you, and give you the time you may need to recover from your injuries. Our personal injury lawyers can seek the compensation you deserve. We serve clients who have been affected by all manner of auto accidents, whether fender benders, serious and even fatal accidents, bus collisions, or motorcycle crashes.  No matter the type of negligence that led to your accident, you can rely on the United Law Center for experienced counsel. Our mission is to seek full compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, medical bills, time off work and other damages.