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Are you about to lose your home?

Are you nearly bankrupt?

Are you suffering because of an accident?

If you need help fighting a bank or insurance company, help that is honest, committed, and tenacious, contact United Law Center now.

You don’t have to take our word for it…..our results speak for themselves.
We’ve answered nearly 5,000 ”Ask Steve for Free” questions by email.

We’ve given more than 3,000 free, no-time-limit consultations.

We’ve represented more than 750 clients in lawsuits from wrongful foreclosure to personal injury.

We’ve stopped more than 150 foreclosures and saved our client’s home when clients had upcoming sale dates.

We also won monetary awards for clients who already had lost their homes.

So far, California law has been changed in 9 cases to reflect our victories in court.

At United Law Center, we have been battling banking and other financial institutions for more than six years. No other California firm has made such a difference in this unique and complex area of law.

We can’t guarantee results, but we can guarantee we will work as hard as we can to keep you in your home and achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

The Ask Steve for Free Legal Challenge TV show

Watch our TV segments with ULC Attorney Stephen Foondos during the KCRA news on MY58. This program brings Stephen's amazing legal knowledge and straight talk common sense to television.

Each segment challenges you to be proactive about how the law and common sense can protect you, and invites you to ASK STEVE a legal question that he can answer on his TV or Radio program!

Stephen continues to also broadcast his Stephen Foondos Legal Challenge Radio program Saturdays at 3pm on News Talk 1530 KFBK.

If you have a legal question, just press the big orange "ASK STEPHEN" button on the home page and get an answer to your legal question, FREE!

If you have a legal issue you would like Stephen and the United Law Center's assistance with, call us today at (916) 367-0630

Recent Developments From The Newsroom

Caprice M.

I had a free 3 hrs consultation with Steve at the United Law Center. As a person I am very skeptical and very difficult to deal with. I have fought a very difficult situation in which I have tried to hire several lawyers, with no success. I have been fighting foreclosure for 9 years..Yes I said 9 years. I had started giving up hope in saving my house. A friend of mine told me about Steve and United Law Center. He gave 3 Hours of his time with me explaining what kind of situation I may have.He had so much patience with me and his professional superior attitude gave me hope after this 9 stressful years of my fight. He helped me understand my situation and some of my options I may have instead of just throwing prices at me like many of the lawyers I had consultations with. He took the time to explain to me where I might be in my situation of my loan process. He was patient while I was argumentive and unreasonable thinking I knew everything. I would like to right this review early because I was a very difficult client not meaning to be I was just very exhausted from fighting these servicers and very on edge. I REALLY appreciate this law firm because of their expertise in this division of law. This is the law firm you want to go to if you want RESULTS. I thoroughly have put my trust into this firm and whatever the outcome is I will be ok with because I know they are going to fight for me. Thank you again Steve and all your associates in advance.

January 31, 2017

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