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At United Law Center, we understand the difference between a “house” and a “home.” More than anyone, we know the extreme emotional distress that occurs over the threat of losing one’s home. The stress and frustration that builds when being dragged through a torturous and often puzzling modification process can be absolutely overwhelming. Lost documents, requests for the same documents, having to start over, a change in banks or servicers, we’ve heard thousands of homeowners suffering the same maddening process.What’s worse is to know that this is all orchestrated by the banks for the purpose of accumulating more fees that they will collect when they deny you’re a modification request and then foreclose. If this has happened to you, you need to know you have rights, and a law firm that truly understands your situations. Not just attorneys, but advocates, United Law Center is the Number 1 leading firm in California for homeowner defense. The banks, their lawyers and the judges in every district know the United Law Center name and what it stands for: when representing a homeowner, we mean business.

Our two goals for every client first are to keep our clients in their home, and the second is to reach their financial goals with respect to their home and their injuries (physical, emotional and/or financial) as quickly as the law allows. For those who have already lost their home, we can take legal action for the wrongful foreclosure. Whatever your circumstance, you’ll get the straight truth about your case, good or bad. You’ll understand what options you have and what we can do for you through the legal system. Straight talk, legal expertise, and unparalleled customer empathy, that’s who we are at United Law Center.

Foreclosure Fraud

Filing bankruptcy, when done right and for the right reasons, is an opportunity to clean the slate, start again and regain peace of mind. Unfortunately, far too many people file for the wrong reasons, file in pro per (without an attorney) or through a “bankruptcy mill,” where bankruptcy clients are viewed as a way to make money and where people find themselves in a worse position than before they filed. Having seen hundreds of clients fall into these mistakes, United Law Center has created the BankrtupcyPlus Program.

With the BankrtupcyPlus Program, we make sure that bankruptcy is the best option for you and, if so, that you receive every last possible benefit when filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Bankruptcy Attorney, Ronald Holland, with 35 years of bankruptcy practice, will take an in-depth review of your circumstances and discuss with you all of your options. So if you do file, you’ll know you’re making the right decision. There is a law firm that still believes in old fashion principals of honesty, integrity and where your case truly matters. At United Law Center, we educate, advise and give 100% effort in giving you financial relief.


What is “Personal Injury Law?” Generally, personal injury occurs when a person(s) is injured, either physically, emotionally or financially by the negligent and intentional conduct of another. While not all injuries are caused by someone’s wrongful conduct, many are and there are laws that are meant to protect the injured party. However, when negligence does occur, the injured party has the right to recover for injuries (or damages) resulting from the negligent act. In other words, the guy who ran the “red light” and smashed into another’s car is responsible for paying the damages arising from the accident. Other examples include slip and falls, dismemberments, motorcycle accidents, big-rig accidents, bus accidents, hit and runs, wrongful deaths, and the list goes on and on.

At United Law Center, we take any type of claim, whether a fender bender or a wrongful death, very seriously. We will represent you to make sure you recovery every last dime allowable under the law. Never assume an insurance company on their own will pay you what you’re legally entitled to. In fact, assume the opposite and retaining United Law Center to make sure your awarded all that you’re entitled to. On average, accident victims receive 400% more in recovery with an attorney than without. Hiring United Law Center will likely do even more for you. The United Law Center brand of law means “business,” so while you’ll be treated with respect, we can be bulldogs in the courtroom and we will do whatever it takes to reach our client’s goals. Let our reputation comfort you and help get what you deserve.

Personal Injury
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